Friday, November 6, 2015

“I wish I had a backup copy.”

“Oh no,” John said, staring at his laptop, now submerged in the rainwater.  A telltale spark told him that everything he had on there was gone, including his graduate thesis.  “Why, oh why, oh why did I not make a backup copy?!”

Yanking it out of the water, his mind went into overdrive.  Could Shirley fix this somehow?  Or maybe there was some kind of specialist in town.  He bolted forward toward the nearby crosswalk, refusing to believe that his future would be destroyed just like that.

It took him fifteen minutes of running, but he had finally gotten to Shirley’s house.  Her boyfriend had let him in when he knocked, saying she wasn’t home from class yet.  The wait made John all the more nervous, sometime slipping into quiet prayers to try and secure some kind of goodwill.  When she finally got home, he told her everything.

After he finished, Shirley just massaged her temple in silence for a moment.  Finally, she spoke.  “Look, I may be good with computer engineering, but…”

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