Friday, November 6, 2015

Write about the old woman whole lives in Apartment 567.

If you go up to the fifth floor of the old Birch Woods complex, you’ll find a plate of cookies waiting for you.  Eat one.  They’re always fresh.  Once you do, the door will open and the old woman who lives inside will invite you in for some tea and a chat.  Don’t worry about her, she’s harmless.  Her and her mechanical helpers.

She has an absolutely brilliant mind and would have done a lot of great things if it weren’t for her early crippling arthritis and rheumatism.  Luckily, before it got too bad, she managed to build one robot helper that would follow her directions and be her hands.  With it, she built more and even though she can’t move very comfortably, she has no trouble doing things or reaching out through the Internet.

Oh, the stories she has, from doing a video chat with Stephen Hawking to contributing to the particle accelerator.

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