Friday, October 30, 2015

Making a monster

"If you could create your very own monster, what would it look like? What would it be called? What types of things would it do to scare people? Where does the monster live? Tell me everything there is to know about your monster."

The monster that comes to my mind is a short cretin called the Angler Man.  He lives in deep forests and looks like a very diminutive traveler, at least on the fog-filled nights when he comes walking.  He is never seen without his lantern, which he waves as a method to beckon lost travelers to come and follow him.  But those who follow him are doomed, for he leads them back to a shack with warm light that turns out to be an eternal trap.  Those who go inside are dragged into the cellar by the Angler Man, where he steals their breath and voice to lure their loved ones to his hideaway.

No one knows what happens to the people trapped below, for none have ever escaped.  And yes, it may seem like an easy thing to avoid remote shacks, but it is said that the light is hypnotic and impossible to break away from.

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