Friday, October 23, 2015

She thought the shields looked like giant nipples

“I’m just saying,” Amy said, “those shields look like enormous nipples.  I wonder if they were prepping to fight an army of babies.”  She let out a snort at her own joke.
Graham, meanwhile, was not amused.  He didn’t even look around to see if the other museum patrons were staring at them.  “Why do you have to be so crude?”

“Gee, I dunno,” she replied, the grin disappearing from her face.  “Why do you have to be so uptight?”

“I am not uptight,” he said through gritted teeth.  “I just don’t think that this place of history is the right time for lowest common denominator humor.”

“Lowest common denominator!?” she shouted, drawing heads their way.  “Is that what you think of me!?  Look, I’m sorry if the things that randomly pop into my brain aren’t the stuff of Socrates, but don’t you dare treat me like I play to the Adam Sandler crowd!”

“I’d really rather not do this…”  He started to turn away.

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