Friday, October 2, 2015


The keeper had a very important role in the game a Quidditch, guarding the goalposts and making sure no one scored against their team.  But, as Augustus Paulborne discovered, there were days when it could be a very boring job.  Case in point today, where the opposing team was playing like a bunch of drunk five-year-olds and hadn’t even gotten the quaffle close to his side of the pitch.  Every time they tried to make a run, they would fumble the ball and Augustus’ team hold take possession and soar to the other end of the field.  He felt himself wishing that one of his number would take an injury just so he had something to do.

He supposed he could stand on his broom and do tricks for the crowd, but he got the feeling that such behavior was considered unsportsmanlike and would probably be frowned on.  So instead, he flipped his broom over to see if watching the game upside-down would be more entertaining.

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