Friday, July 24, 2015

Describe a “first”

"Describe a “first” (first apartment, first kiss, first time driving a car, first lie, first big success, first roller coaster ride, first time in this setting). Include as many details as possible, being sure to include an aspect relating to each of the five senses."

The first thing I remember about my first apartment was just how big it was, which comes as a bit of a surprise considering how small it really was.  There was barely enough room for my bed and desk, so it was lucky that I didn’t have a lounge chair.  Luckily, there was enough space in my sliding closet that I could fit my dresser in, but barely.  The kitchen was also positively tiny, but it was my own, so that stuck with me.  Everything was quite cramped from the wooden table to the stuck sink and over to the refrigerator that scraped against the wall and wouldn’t always close all the way.  If two people were in there, cooking was difficult, to say the least.

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