Friday, July 17, 2015

Be careful out there...

“Be careful out there,” your mom said as you grabbed your duffel bag and headed on a camping trip with friends. “You know that tonight is the anniversary, don’t you?” You nodded, then shut the door behind you before getting in the car and taking off.

“Be careful out there.”  It wouldn’t normally be such a contentious phrase in my mind, but I know what it’s implying: she’s afraid of losing another son, just like she did five years ago at this same spot.

Getting in the car, I felt myself pressed against Tamara because of how cramped the car was.  Not that either of us minded.  As we started driving off, I felt her head on my shoulder, her long red hair tickling my arm.  From the front seat, I heard Josh and Cam arguing over what tunes to listen to.  And on the other side of Tamara, Grant stared out the window, completely lost in thought.

“Something on your mind?” I asked.

This seemed to shake him out of her reverie.  “Hm?” he said, looking over.  “Actually, I was thinking about you.  You going to be all right?”

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