Friday, July 17, 2015

All the wrong ideas...

Sometimes people look back on their lives and wonder how they got there.  For John, it was a series of terrible ideas that all stacked on top of each other.  It all started out when he dropped out of high school to run away with a girl he took to prom.  Three months later, a Vegas wedding took place between them and their new life began.  And right off the bat, it was frought with problems.

The first thing he did was invest all his money in a start-up venture in the Silicon Valley.  “It’ll pay off,” he would say.  “We’ll get back ten times what we sunk into it.”  Unfortunately, the start-up crashed and died a horrible death, leaving both of them penniless at the worst possible time: a child was on the way.  Sure enough, Lila was born and they had no way to really support the three of them.

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