Saturday, October 10, 2015

Writer's Choice

He said his name was Harper Addison.  Kind of an antiquated name for the 70s, but there you go.  He was poking around the murder scene and talked about some really weird things.  He couldn’t hold him for anything, but he seemed like a prime suspect…

…except I did a little digging and found something really weird.  According to the Hall of Records, there have been dozens of Harper Addisons popping up every now and then.  Every single one of them is a different race and sex.  The guy I saw was a white fellow, but there was a black woman in the forties sharing the name.  Even further back was a Chinaman and some lady near the Border.  What really gets me, though, is that in all the color pictures, the different Harpers have the same eyes.  The same strange black-blue.

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