Friday, October 2, 2015


“So the orcs gladly offer you their gold as a sign of charity-”

“They wouldn’t do that.”

Simon looked up from his Dungeon Master Screen at Noah, the interrupting player.  “Huh?”

“It says under the orcs’ alignment description in the Monster Manuel.  Orcs are always evil, so charity’s out the window.”

“So what?” Simon said, looking Noah squarely in the eye.  “Does that mean every orc everywhere thinks the same?”

“Well, not the same kind of evil-”

“And what about you, Noah?  You’re a good-aligned fighter, does that mean that you automatically have to kill these orcs, regardless of their actions?”

“If I wanted to play the game right.  So I take my broadsword and-”

“Wait a minute,” Lewis cut in.  “You sheet says you’re lawful good.  You can’t just kill these orcs for no reason.”

“Bullshit, I can’t,” Noah fired back.  “I’m sworn to vanquish the forces of evil.”

“And uphold the law!” Lewis replied incredulously.  “Have these guys broken any laws?  Or are we saying that genocide is legal now?”

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