Friday, August 7, 2015

At your housewarming party, the food suddenly comes to life. What happens?

The night was young and crazy at the Eldred-Cohen housewarming party.  People were eating, drinking, and making merry as best they could to commemorate Colin's new home.  Things were going as planned until the rice started to move.  Slowly, it shifted and started moving out of the pan, taking the crispy tadig with it.  Everyone dropped that they were doing and stared at it, amazing.  Another shock came when the various pieces of the taco salad started to leave their containers and the wine hopped over to the glass table.  All of them stood side by side from shortest to tallest.  Then, without warning, they began to sing.

"You could have ordered pizza
Or gross take-out Chinese
But instead you put your effort to
Some good old recipes."

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