Friday, July 31, 2015

How Do You Define "Family?"

Family.  That’s a tricky word.  A lot of people use it as affirmation and strength while others use it for leverage and control.  Me personally, I consider family the people that stick with you through thick and thin, keep you up when your spirits are down, and make sure that whatever your burden, they’ll share the load.

It’s something I had to learn for quite a long time, about two months to be exact.  That was how long ago the folks that birthed me that claimed they were my family took off in a helicopter and abandoned me in the deep Amazon just to save their own skins.  I’ve had to survive on my own for that long against alligators, giant bugs, and hostile warlords and thugs.  If it weren’t for the people I acquired along the way, I would be dead.

That’s why I’m sending out this message, to honor the people who got me here, some of whom have died.  It’s in their memory that I’m sending out this S.O.S.

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