Monday, February 23, 2015

Thus far the path, though winding had been clear, leading in only one direction. Now he was at a crossroads…

After following the path for four days, he finally came to a crossroads.  The roadsigns pointed to different cities, each with their own little quirks and promises.  But the man instead put down his large instrument and sat on it, staring towards the direction of the sun as he waited.  It took a good while, but eventually, a car drove down the road and stopped in front of him.

Looking out the window, the driver said, “You need a lift, brother?”

Nodding, the man stood up, picked up his instrument, and entered the car through the now-open door.  The car drove on after he got himself settled.

“That’s a mighty fine-looking instrument you’ve got there, brother.”

“Thanks,” the man said.  “It’s yours.”

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