Thursday, February 12, 2015

“It’s just that it was so… green…”

“It’s just that it was so… green…”

Lisa choked and spat out her coffee.  Green?!  His foot was green?!

“Like the fucking Redwoods,” Yvette replied.  “I just… I couldn’t even look at it.  I was afraid that one of those face-huggers from Alien was going to jump out and latch onto my face.  I don’t care what the report says, that was not a dog bite.  But yeah, the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to spew my lunch.  So I just walked out and asked someone else to take the surgery.”

Shaking her head, Lisa tried to take another sip and keep it down.  “I don’t blame you,” she said.  “I mean, yeah, you’ve got those facemasks, but what if that wasn’t enough.  If you threw up during surgery and it got on his wound, who knows what might have happened?”

“Seriously,” she replied.  “They do not prep you for that when you’re studying the M-CATs.”

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