Friday, February 12, 2016

The last piece of the pie

The last piece of the pie, sitting in its tin tray or pyrex pan, always represents a bit of sadness that is to come.  For you see, there is never enough pie.  Now some cake enthusiasts would argue that the last slice of cake has the same problem, but cake is a filling beast, much like the bread it is based on, and leads to bloating and overstuffing.  Pie… pie is something special.  From the golden flakey crust to the smooth, sweet filling, there’s something about it that simply makes magic.

But back to that last slice, there really is something melancholic about it.  Once you finish it, it’s gone and you’ll have to wait for the next party or baking run to make another.  I suppose you could eat pie every week, but that would make it rather hard to get out the door, now wouldn’t it?

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