Friday, December 18, 2015

He was excited to find 150 new emails in his inbox.

He was excited to find 150 new emails in his inbox.  And only 69 of them were spam!  Martin had never gotten so much attention before, so he plunged right in and started checking them.

The first one was asking about a school assignment.  Fair enough.  The second one was a student-wide email asking for people that wanted to go on the annual hike and cookout.  That sounded exciting.  Several more were asking where he bought his shirt, a few were reminders of weekly meetings on the hall and… a boy was asking him out to dinner?

Martin’s day was made.  Punching the air, he started taking things out of his storage trunk and seeing if he had anything good to wear out.  After finding a few things, he flopped on his bed, smiling.  He had a feeling he was going to like this college.

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