Friday, November 20, 2015

The asteroid was hurtling straight for Earth…

"The asteroid was hurtling straight for Earth…"
The  writer looked up from his notes, shocked by the abrupt interruption.   "But I haven't even gotten through my pitch yet," he said softly.
"I  don't need to hear anymore," the executive said.  "I can already hear  the beats in my head and I can tell that it's box office poison.  It'll  be like a zillion other movies that have already come out."
"But there's some clever writing in here..." the writer began, but the executive cut him off.
"The planet Earth busts all their resources to try and stop it, but they can't, right?"
"Well, yeah, but..."
"And in the end, it all comes down to one everyman to solve everything, right?"
"But  he's saddled by emotional baggage that keeps him grounded and relatable  and drives him to complete his possibly suicidal mission."
The writer didn't say anything.

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