Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thanksgiving on Mars

"It's Thanksgiving on Mars. So what are the colonists giving thanks for? What event or dreadful times did they survive and now celebrate? Are there heroes and villains? Was it Human versus Nature? Who survived and who died?

You can write their first Thanksgiving. Or their tenth. Or their hundredth.

What is the meal like? What kind of food do they grow on Mars? What would count as a feast? Are there special foods that tie into the period they're giving thanks for?"

It had been 85 years since the first colonization of Mars.  Traditions never die, certainly, but the change of yearly orbit time certainly threw off people’s calendars.  Still, adjustments happened and the old holidays flourished, including Thanksgiving.  That said, given that there was a new world to hold it on, changes to the menu were inevitable.

Turkeys got smaller due to them being raised in confined areas and the spuds now had a reddish tint to them.  Pumpkin pie hadn’t changed much, but that was almost red anyway.  Corn, of all things, was purple and massive, due to some elements in the soil triggering a reaction in the stalks.  Similarly, cranberries had also swelled to an enormous size and could be juiced to make sauce for five households or sliced up and enjoyed like a melon.

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