Wednesday, April 15, 2015

silver cups, crystal vases, and candelabra

“Oh, baby darling…” Geralt crooned as he looked into the dark chamber.  “So many goodies for me to take.  Silver cups, crystal vases and…”  He gasped in mock adoration.  “A candelabra for me?  You shouldn’t have.”  Slinking around the room, he started grabbing more and more valuables until his bag couldn’t fit any more.  That was it.  He was made for life after this.

He started moving towards the door when he felt a shock running through his entire body.  His body seized up and he dropped the bag with a thunderous clang.  Finally, the jolt stopped and he had a split second of painful reprieve before he felt his bag hit him across the head.  Everything went dark.

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