Friday, January 30, 2015

The College Tree

This is a tree.  My body is buried under it.

Why?  Because this tree killed me.

Oh, I don’t mean I fell out of it when I was a kid and hit my head.  No, when I was in college, I was listening to Daft Punk to clear my head before an exam.  Trust me, it helps.  Anyway, I was blasting my music because I was really stressed when all of a sudden, I heard a knock.  I figured it was the RA, so I checked the door.  No one.  As I closed the door, I turned around and flipped.

There was the tree, which had apparently walked all the way from the dining hall.  It asked me in a deep, gruff voice to turn the music down, since it was trying to sleep.  In fairness, it wasn’t very nice about it, so I guess it made sense that I screamed, yelled “demon tree,” and jumped out the window to attack it.  It moved aside and instead of catching me, it let me fall and hit my head.

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